Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dream Diary: A Helpful Vision?

I just woke up from a really weird experience I've never quite had happen to me before.

Today, I got back from an investigation with the Sullivan Paranormal Society and I was extremely drained. I felt like I was overwhelmed, physically & mentally drained. In fact, I immediately fell asleep after uploading some team picture to our website--passing out without evening plugging in my cellphone, or gathering my supplies for classes tomorrow.

While I was asleep I had a dream that I was inside a little, tiny, Wiccan/Crystal shop. I was walking around this dimly lit shop looking for something desperately, like...really really looking. This shop was like something out of a fantasy book. Things hanging from the ceiling...witch balls, there were lots of witch balls and candles upon the walls. I was really hunting for something, wandering around this little store looking into all the cases and over of all these rocks I've never seen before. Pinks, purples, browns, blacks, silvers, going on seemingly forever inside this little shop, mixed in with crystal wands and amulets.

I was about to give up my search and leave when I walked up to a case the left of the door (my right, but the left inside the shop). I stare down at the little cardboard rectangular, sectioned up display below me atop a glass display case and let out a sigh of relief. I grab this stunning and beautiful black oval stone, with tiny flecks of brown and white elegantly intermingling within' it. I hold in my hand for a few minutes and immediately feel a sensation of like peace. Like, I'm at peace with the world and everything is perfect.  I look up, my eyes twinkling and I say;
"This is the one I need."
I then promptly walk out of the store and the minute the door closes behind me, jolt awake.

I've never heard of black garnet before this dream. I'm really into the power of stones, but black garnet isn't one I've heard of being new to the power of crystals. Of course, I know black crystals are very good for psychic protection, but that's about all I know. Naturally waking up from something like this I immediately googled it to find out what this dream could mean.

First, of course, I googled pictures of it to make sure this really was the stone I picked up and not something my subconscious completely made up. Here's a picture of the stone...it's exactly what I saw in my dream:

This is what I found on the first link I typed, explaining what the stone does: Healing Crystals For You.

Apparently Black Garnet is one of the highest forms of psychic protection you can find. Here are some quote from the website on what the stone actually does for you;

"This powerful protective vibration not only keeps you safe from harm on all levels, but can be helpful for anyone who has suicidal thoughts to feel better about life. It seals your aura and deflects negativity... like a powerful energetic shield around you.",
"This is also an excellent stone to use in your room when you are sick, as it stops any negative entities from attaching to you, which may happen when your system is weakened. If you are a healer or psychic reader, this is a good stone to keep nearby to absorb anyone else's negative energy."

"Use it to learn about the morphogenic fields of knowledge, and to open you to experience psychic visions also known as clairvoyant abilities.",

"Black Andradite Garnet also has an empowering energy, that may help you if you feel you would like to be on the spiritual path, but may lack confidence in your ability to remain committed.",

"Black Andradite Garnet can help you to let go of negative emotions that may be harming your relationships with others. Emotions such as jealousy, coveting what others have, suspicion, mistrust... or being too quick to get angry, may be released. This is an excellent stone to keep close to you, and keeping a piece on your body is beneficial." 

This is such a weird dream. I'm still trying to grasp everything. This stone is exactly what I've been looking to find lately, exactly it. I've been doing a lot of stone research trying to find something as powerful as my black tourmaline which is my crystal of choice. I didn't want to go for just obsidian or onyx in fact they were in the little case with this stone along with other notably protective/grounding stones. This is the one I picked up. This exact one. This one coming to me in a dream could not have been just a coincidence...right?

Now, the trick is raising enough money to buy one of these stones 'cause they're not really cheap. I guess I've got a lot of saving up to do.

Blessed be,

P.S: It's 4:19 AM on the eve of my first day of school. So, I'm gonna go back to sleep for a few hours now. I just needed to share while I still remembered everything.

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